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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The “Voice of America” shows a prohibited movie in Iran

Washington- The movie called Rhino Season that won the prize for Best Cinematography at San Sebastian Film Festival, 2012, the prize went to the Iranian director of photography of Kurdish origin , Touraj Aslani was shown in Iran by “Voice of America” satellite TV on Friday. This film also can be seen in the Internet.

Bahman Ghobadi
Gobadi emphasized the necessity of showing the movie via “Voice of America” satellite TV because of the censorship in Iran and that Iranian audience do not have any other possibility to see it.

The movie is based on a story from real-life events of the Kurdish poet Sahel from Iran , who was being imprisoned during the 1979 Iranian revolution.

The movie tells about the events beginning with the late 70-ies of the Islamic Revolution to the present day. This movie is about politics, love, and how Sahel (the main character) is looking for his wife and children.after years spent in prison.

Film director Bahman Ghobadi, who gives his rights to broadcast the movie to "Voice of America", said that his film is a "lyrical picture, that shows events that happened with Kurdish poet, whose family considered him died in the prison." The film became the first work of Iranian-Kurdish director after his emigration from Iran in 2009.
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Friday, February 8, 2013

60% of Russians in Israel think they do not need Internet censorship. The results of opinion poll

The finished its public opinion poll that was devoted to the International Day of the Free Internet. The poll that had been carried out during one day from February 5 to 6, it includes 1.063 respondent(920 answered on all 14 questions).

The results:
The carried out poll shows: the majority of our readers(that is 86%) are agree that is necessary to explain children what threats has the Internet.

Our readers suppose that a child should be isolated from 1) drug advertisement (82.3%) 2) pornography (78.7%), 3) scenes of violence (77.2%), 4) extremism propaganda (74.3%), 5) communications with unknown people (69.3%), alcohol adv. ( 69%) tobacco adv. (68,5%), religious propaganda (60%). Less than 50% of the audience support other restrictions.

The majority of readers who have children or grand children discussed threats, that Internet can bring. But only a half of them limited the " computer time" for under-aged.

Participants of the poll generally visit news and educational sites (97,3%), search sites 84,7%), educational sites (78,7%), social networks (61,5%), online dictionaries (57,5%). Other categories of sites are visited by at least 50% of the audience. So, for example, less than 35% said they visited erotic sites.

Along with, our readers think that their under-aged children or grand-children visit firstly gaming and entertainment sites, and social networking sites, search engines and educational websites. Only 4% of questioned said that their children or grand-children are viewing erotic sites.

The most popular among the participants of the poll became such sites as Google (91,9%), YouTube (86,1%), Wikipedia (69,8%), Facebook (54,4%) и Odnoklassniki (52,2%).

The most popular among children according to participants of the poll became: YouTube (37%), Google (34,2%) и Facebook (32,2%).

More than 92% that their home computers has the antivirus systems. Almost 86% from those whose under-aged children or grand-children has a computer said that such a program is set up on their “child” computers.

Less then 14% use access to the unwanted content “filter. And a little more than 23% of those with under-aged children or grandchildren who have a computer, said that this filter is set up on "children’s" computers.

14% of questioned think that it is necessary to limit the success for under-aged to the information , 36% has the opposite opinion. Others were not ready to clearly define their position.

More than 20% are for Internet censorship. But 60% are sure that ensorship in the Internet shouldn’t be introduced.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The cyber crimes are taken by a diplomatic approach

The informational security department is creating in the Ministry of foreign affairs

The authorities of Russian Federation took seriously the questions of international information security. As it became known the Ministry of foreign affairs will have the special department that will supervise this issues soon. Its main goal will be concern with the promotion of Russian initiatives for the introduction of the Internet policy and strengthening of the trust measures in cyberspace. The new structure also will inform the department’ leaders about how the oversees countries take the Internet question, including the freedom of its usage.

The Internet and the informational security questions became the most priority ones for the Moscow internal and external policies. We remind that on November 1, 2012 the amendment to the “Child security from the harm information” act according to which the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR) got a right to block sites with a child pornography, drug’s advertisements and suicides without court decisions came into a force. And this week the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin charged Federal Security Service with developing of the state system for prognosis and prevention of cyberattacks. He also permit them to fight with crimes in the informational space. It is expected that the unite Internet law will be accepted in spring.
Moscow began the work of the international informational security in 2011that is coming with a number of big initiatives for excepting Internet policy under the UNO. A year before in the Ministry of foreign affair appeared a new position called a special moderator of informational and communication technologies issues in politics.

But now as it became known the foreign office will also include a special department for international and communication security issues under the department of a new threats and challenges”.

According to “Kommersant” the key aims of the new structure include the advancement of prepared concepts of the UNO convention for “international information security providing” and a made by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation “Internet policy” act; defending of the Russian approaches to Internet governance management on the international arena (and first of all the recognition of this sphere includes principles of sovereignty and non-interference into the domestic affairs of a countries).

The USA State Department has such a bureau since 2011. The head of this bureau is the federal agent Christopher Painter who announced the cybercrimes as an “ imperative of the external policy”. Не and his colleagues are wary about Russian initiatives in this sphere and see them only as an approach to straighten the state control and Internet censorship.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freedom decreasing

Mother’s and country's care are similar in some points: you are not hungry, have clothes to wear and feel yourself secured...

But there are “Do not watch TV more than 1 hour a day”, “You shouldn’t read these magazines” and of course “Don’t dare to argue with mother”!

What we mean talking that the state cares about us? Firstly we surely mean free public health and education, good pension and easy and convenient intercommunication between citizen and a state structure without bureaucracy etc.

However nobody think of censorship as an identifier of the country’s care.

Caring country cares for every sphere of life including social and moral. Even from the childhood the future citizen is protected from any king of corrupting influence of dissidence - from ideas that run counter to state policy. The press shouldn't has any articles criticized the current power.

The progress goes further. The humanity has the Internet and this is a good ground for dissents and that is why it should be regulated.

The first country was China with it’s “ Great Fire Wall” that like a Great China Wall secured its citizens from the bad influence of other countries and at the same time it protected the ruling Party from rebellions and mutinies.

A bad example is catching, so Turkey has some bad news. Tens thousands of people rushed to the streets opposing Internet censorship. It was not hard to understand their fear and worries because from May 15, 2012 the free Internet stopped it’s existence. There were introduces 4 filters which blocked the access to several sites. The list of this sites is unknown. Besides there are prohibited words for searching in the Internet, they are for example: «girl», «partner», «animal». It is hard to imagine about what authorities thought making this list.

So, the question is what we will do if we have the same problem. Of course, the censorship in a moderate dose is useful, but where is the limit?

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Protests in Manchester were devoted to web censorship rules

Great number of demonstrations have been performed in Manchester against the mistrusted Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

Dozens of activists from Anonymous, Occupy Manchester and some other groups turned up at Piccadily Gardens, the others from their legions made active protests which took place in front of the Dianetics Centre. There were many anti – ACTA events, others made active demonstrations all over the world. For example in London one may see 200 protesters.

ACTA is being regarded by the opponents as some kind of measure that is designed to allow film studios company consortia trying to gain control over the Internet that is being taken as impossible form to be capitalized on.

Supporters of this type of web censorship declarations do claim about the fact that there is too much copyright infringements. A big number of governments are pressured by the American for signing the agreement - though Germany, Poland, Slovenia, many others realize legislation’s that are wider implications of web censorship and freedom of speech.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Almost the half of Russians support Internet censorship

Almost the half of Russian citizens are not against information’ limitation in the Internet without a court decision and are satisfied with the work of prohibited sites’ register, argues a “Public opinion” fund’ poll. The prohibited sites’ register started its work in the beginning of November, 2012 within the “Protection Of Children From Harmful Information” law. The list includes sites with a child pornography, suicide propaganda, drugs etc.

The public opinion poll was carried out among 1,5 thousand of Russians in 43 regions. 54% of citizens and 77% of active Internet users knew about the register In the begging of December, 2012. Among those who knew about it 47% of respondent Internet users were for its introduction. 43% of Russians and 44% of active Internet users are not against from out-of-court decisions to block some information, but 23% of people in Russia and 29% of Net users support court decisions. Censorship opponents are in the minority. They are 14% wholly among Russians and 15% among Internet users.

According to a Protection Of Children From Harmful Information law 41% of Net users are ready to complaint to Russian Federal Surveillance Service for Mass Media and Communications ( Roscomnadzor) about a prohibited content. According to Aleksandr Oslon the head of the POF, “public opinion always will be on the side of those who struggle for the cleanness even if it connected with the Internet”. As he says it is not normal to protest against censorship, and those who woll say that the black list limits his freedom will face with a misunderstanding of others at least until limitations goes over the reasonable line.

The expert Aleksandr Demidov said that “the order of the country is more important for citizens then a freedom and people will continue to support such kinds of limitations in the Internet”.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Pirate Party had been refused in registration

Department of Justice refused to register the Russian Pirate Party as it was reported on the party’s site. The minister found several violations in presented by the activists documents, but the special attention was paid for the name of the organization.

In the minister of justice’ notification is said that the party can’t be called “Pirate”, because piracy in Russia is a criminal offence. Also the document include detailed quotation of the criminal code and the United Nations convention of the maritime law in which the notion of the word “piracy” means maritime banditry. “The piracy is closely connected with a confrontation”, - as it was stated in the notification.

Besides, it was mentioned in the document that “secret vote promotion of the candidate of the presidential elections of the Russian Federation do not correspondent to the name of the party”. Also the minister pointed out a number of violations in presented documents. Activists reasonable rejected all the complaints of the department.

Pavel Rassudov, The president of the party said that he will dispute the Ministy of Ajustmen’ denial. “We think that the Prosecutor General's Office must to carry out a conformance testing of the correspondence of names of “ Yedinaya Rossiya”(The United Russia) because there is no mentioning of unity and also the “Yabloko” party ( Apple Party) in the aims of which there is nothing about fruits etc., he said.

“Aims of the Pirate Party are understandable for a long time and are well- known for the society. Even the court of Italy had been decided this question. Even a thought about the drive for freedom and civil law is compared with the piracy is an absurd or a wrong interpretation”, - commented the Minister Rick Falkvinge , the founder of the piracy movement and the first Piracy Party of Sweden. I think your bureaucrats have a broccoli in their socks”.

In November about 50 people took part in a rally against Internet censorship under the Pirate Party near the memorial of the Carl Marks on the Revolution square. It was disgusting. Despite the rally was coordinate with the Russian Communist Workers' Party the policy didn’t allow unrolling the flags”, said Rassudov. Earlier Moscow authorities refused Pirate Party in caring out a picket for Lurkmore and for freedom. Rassudov also remind that in Autumn when the law of the Internet censorship was admitting Pirates had already organize a rally and warn about the not guilty sites will be blocked. Also in March 2011 The Pirate Party were trying to be registered but the Ministry of Adjustment refused to give a certificate of registry because of the name.

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